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Enhancing Internationalisation of European Incubators:

IN4Erasmus Announces its Realisation with All Key Deliverables Available on Open and Free Google Drive


Google Drive of IN4Erasmus - Key Deliverables Available for Free in English and Italian


The partnership proudly announces the successful completion of the IN4Erasmus project, addressing the critical role of incubators and accelerators in Europe. IN4Erasmus, co-funded by the European Commission, aligns with the priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme, focusing on capacity building, skills enhancement, and collaborative opportunities in response to the challenges posed by the post-pandemic era and the EU’s 2030 strategies for green and digital transitions.


The increasing significance of incubators and accelerators in fostering entrepreneurship, specialized training, and sustainable development is evident across Europe. With over 900 incubators in the EU, as highlighted in the “Policy Brief on Incubators and Accelerators that Support Inclusive Entrepreneurship” (OECD, 2019), these entities play a crucial role in creating businesses and supporting social and environmental sustainability.


IN4Erasmus addresses the needs of incubators and accelerators to enhance their capabilities, skills, and opportunities in the following areas:

  • Erasmus+ and EU Programmes

  • International cooperation

  • Innovative solutions for internationalisation

  • Entrepreneurial training with a focus on inclusion, digital development, and sustainability


The project partnership comprises four partners from four different countries, demonstrating a commitment to cross-border collaboration and multiculturalism:

  • Innovalley Association (newcomer partner, Italy)

  • IHF asbl (Belgium)

  • University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

  • Startup Campus Germany (newcomer partner, Germany)



IN4Erasmus carried out two main activities during its implementation phase:

  • A1 – Capacity Building in Erasmus+ and Other European Projects:

    • Design and implementation of a training programme in EU project management, focusing on common elements of European projects and the Erasmus programme

    • Development of targeted educational materials for business incubators

  • A2 – Mapping the Internationalisation Dynamics of Business Incubators:

    • Collection and analysis of data on the internationalisation dynamics of business incubators

    • Organization of internal meetings to identify and discuss virtuous models

    • Continuous development of supporting materials


Key deliverables, including reports, findings, and educational materials, are publicly available in multiple languages (English and Italian) for free on our dedicated Google Drive:



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